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Bomb Squad Detonates Cylinder at Bondi Golf Course
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Written by Daniel Shaw   
Friday, 02 October 2009 22:33
Bomb Squad Detonates Cylinder at Bondi Golf Course
The NSW Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit recently conducted an operation off the cliffs of Bondi Golf Course.

During this rescue they noticed a suspicious and potentially deadly cylinder that was believed to be filled with acetylene gas.

The cylinder was wedged into the rocks. Deemed too dangerous to move or examine, a decision was made to blow it up and render it safe.

The specialist operation began at 10.00am with officers deploying around 1kg of plastic explosive. It was a well controlled explosion, intended only to incinerate the cylinder.

The police air wing and marine services were called to scan the area to ensure no one was in harm's way. After it was declared safe, a massive charge was deployed which left nothing but the top of the gas tank.

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